About Me

Ops nerd who loves live music, farmer’s markets, handmade stuff and spreadsheets

I grew up near the Pacific Ocean in Redondo Beach, CA, but found my home in the Pacific Northwest, nestled between lakes, mountains and coffee shops. Obsessed with learning and discovering new ideas, places and people. After a 15 year career in retail operations management, including a beginning and end to my own retail business…I was ready to tackle a new challenge.

I chose software engineering, landing at a Seattle company in February 2015, technology that powers spreadsheets was love at first sight. I’ve had a unique opportunity to adventure and grow personally and professionally through pre-IPO, hypergrowth, post-IPO and now maturing as an Enterprise software company. Grateful to be part of a team of authentic and supportive people solving people and technology problems every day. 

During the week I’m working on Observability, Incident Response and Operational Excellence initiatives. On the weekend, you will find me volunteering on the crisis line, volunteer coordinating DevOps Days Seattle, or hanging out with my family.

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'As an engineering leader, you need to reassess whether the system architecture and organizational structure that helped you get here are still enabling success.' – with @plaroche https://bit.ly/3HwlTS6

Enjoying my first live music show in a very long time! Intimate venue showcasing a talented quartet courtesy of @candlelight.concerts #stringquartet #vivaldi #classicalmusic @ Block 41 https://www.instagram.com/p/CUMAxjflKex/?utm_medium=twitter

One of the more poignant and recurring themes that I took from many @o11ycon talks was the need to value, uphold, and compassionately protect the *humanity* of those who are responsible for operating the systems and services that we build and maintain #o11ycon #hnycon